What defines an antique bear?

Antique bears were once recognised as having been manufactured before the second World War but nowadays that timeline is ever changing. A vague term often used is “vintage bears”. The name certainly extends the period into the 1950’s and represents a time when many stunning and collectible bears were being produced. Take for instance the Merrythought Cheeky Bear which first made its appearance in 1957. They were so popular that Merrythought continued their production right up until 2006 when the factory finally closed for business. Of course the sudden announcement of the factory closure prompted bear collectors to rethink their collections and a frenzied wave of buying occurred across the world. However, I understand that due to public pressure for these much loved Merrythought Bears, a small part of the factory has now been reopened so perhaps these bears will carrying on introducing themselves into new homes for a little while longer. The 1950- 1960 Cheeky Bears command a high price and their value today can easier compare to bears from a much earlier period.